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New Books

I added some new books to the web store this morning.  I received an order from Our Sunday Visitor.  These books mostly are for evangelization so I wanted to write a post to have you browse the book section of the site.  

Ignatius of Loyola Movie Event – Fundraiser for OLF Youth Ministry trip to Steubenville

A Lost Sheep Catholic Store is sponsoring three showings of a new movie: “Ignatius of Loyola.”  It is a fundraiser for the Our Lady of the Fields Youth Ministry’s trip to the Steubenville Youth Conference this summer.  This fundraiser will offset a majority of the costs.  The movie will be shown at Horizon Cinemas at the Marley Station Mall in Glen Burnie, MD.  Attached is a flyer for the movie.

This showing is currently the only showing on the east coast.  The trailer can be found at

Ignatius of Loyola will premier at Horizon Cinemas at Marley Station Mall at 7900 Ritchie Hwy in Glen Burnie.  The dates and times for the showings are: 2/20/17 at 5 PM and 7:45 PM; and 2/21/17 at 7 PM.   Brought to you by A Lost Sheep Catholic Store, Ignatius of Loyola is a story of life, love, death, sin, tragedy, despair, powerful conversion and saintly dedication to God.  The movie producer has recommended the age rating to be a PG 11-13yrs old.


Ticket sales are prepaid only and cannot be purchased at the box office.  Tickets can be purchased online at  The category is Movie Tickets for Youth Ministry and you can choose which showing you would like to attend.  Please remember to bring your tickets to the movie.  There are no refunds.  We will gladly accept donations.

If you have any questions, please email

Chuck Walden
A Lost Sheep Catholic Store


We have added the Kerusso product line to our online shop. Please take a look at the great Christian merchandise that we can now offer. There are really nice shirts, jewelry, hats, drinkware, and gifts to choose from. Let me know your thoughts on merchandise as we continue to populate the web store with our products. Have a Blessed Evening!


Divine Mercy Sunday

I have a good appreciation of Divine Mercy Sunday nowadays. When I converted to Catholicism I didn’t have any idea. I remember my wife would do a chaplet and I would pretend I knew what it was. After I was in Georgia and went to the retreat that changed my life, I realized that the retreat I went to was on Divine Mercy Sunday. I knew it was life changing for me but I didn’t understand the significance. If you would have asked me about St Faustina, I would have given you a glazed over look. This year I actually bought some of the Lighthouse Catholic Media CDs about divine mercy and listened to them over and over again. I knew that I had to do the chaplet this year and I actually knew what it meant for me. For one thing it was a plenary indulgence that was instituted by Pope John Paul II. He was also the one in 2000 that created the Sunday following Easter as Divine Mercy Sunday to fulfill the request of Jesus through the revelation of St. Faustina. I can better appreciate after learning more about St Faustina and Divine Mercy Sunday about how I was changed on that day five years ago.
I will continue to learn more about St Faustina and Divine Mercy Sunday as a pray the chaplet more than just once a year. I pray that you will join me in learning more about Divine Mercy Sunday and what it means to you.
God Bless!

Web Store Now Open!!!

We now have the web store open. I want to apologize for how long this took. I still don’t have all the products entered into the system but I will make sure I add products each day until I get all caught up. Thanks for hanging in there with me. God Bless!

Flock thoughts

I read the Saint of the Day and am always moved how the early saints were so steadfast and would defend the faith knowing death was their punishment for doing so. Today I read about Saint Vincent of Saragossa. He was a friend of Saint Valerius of Saragossa in Spain, and served as his deacon. Imprisoned and tortured in Valencia, Spain for his faith during the persecutions of Diocletian; part of his time was spent being burned on a gridiron. While in prison, he converted his jailer. Was finally offered release if he would give up the scripture texts for burning, but he refused.
I often wonder if my faith would allow me to so steadfastly defend scripture knowing that on earth my reward would be torture and death. I know I spend too much time contemplating what I have on earth but not as much time thinking of what is waiting for me after I die. I invite all to join me in refocusing more on what waits in Heaven for us and less on our own earthly wants.

Feed the flock

During mass this weekend we hear multiple times where food was multiplied to feed the masses. Nobody could believe that they had enough to feed the multitudes but God found a way. Even the leftovers were more than what they started with. These miracles I read and heard about but never understood them in my life.
During the homily this weekend when I heard it again I had a thought that I never had before. I was too focused on the story and not the message. It helped because last week at the Youth Conference in Steubenville, OH the message I heard was that God takes you where you are and helps improve you for the better.
The message I heard was that God will take what you give (even though you believe it isn’t enough) and He uses it to provide what is needed. I put off opening A Lost Sheep because I didn’t have startup capital but I’m glad I just moved forward now. God helped me with what I needed.
Please pray for me and I will pray for you that we will use what we got to take care of what is needed knowing that God will make up the difference.

Founding Fathers

I find that our founding fathers all belonged to a religion and were excited to be free to practice that religion.  You can see from the very last sentence in the Declaration of Independence which states “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”  This divine Providence defined by basic theological definitions is God’s care for his people.  So, the very document the founding fathers created stated that for our Declaration of Independence to continue would be based upon a firm reliance of God’s care for his people.  This means to me that while we will not enforce our religion on others, we should also allow our God to support our form of government that we have chosen.

When we start to remove God from our country’s basis is when we start treading on a slippery slope.  We need to understand that God is vital to our very existence as people and for our nation.  Removing the influence of religion is different than relying upon God.  Our country’s leadership should engage more in reciting the Our Father and less in supporting laws and rulings that are a contradiction to God’s law.  I call all to pray for our country and to ask God to always help us to get back on course so we all align ourselves with a firm reliance of divine Providence.

Our Father’s Day

Our Father Who Art in Heaven is the start of the most popular prayer in history.  In fact it was taught to us by the Son who is also God.  Jesus showed us that we need to pray to Our Father  so we can lay up treasures in heaven.

Even God in the Old Testament wanted everyone to know with the commandments that we shall honor our father and our mother, that the days may be long in the land which the Lord our God gives us.

In Sirach, it says that whoever honors his father atones for sins as well as whoever honors his father will be gladdened by his own children and when he prays he will be heard.  It goes on in Sirach regarding how you should honor and respect your father as well as your mother.  It is worth reading Sirach Chapter 3 to see all the words of wisdom.

We can see that God wants us to respect and honor our fathers who have come before us and specifically those who have raised us.  Take this time today to pray for those fathers both living and those in Heaven.  They all deserve our respect and do not forget to pray for St. Joseph who gave all fathers an example to follow to this day.  Pray also for those fathers who are serving in the military especially those who cannot be with their families today.

God Bless,




A Message to the Flock

One of today’s Saints of the Day is Omeljan Kove. He was a Ukranian born in 1884 and was martyred in 1944. He was arrested by the Gestapo in spring of 1943 for aiding the Jews. On 25 March 1944 he was burned to death in the ovens of the Majdanek Nazi death camp. He was beatified by John Paul II in June 2001.

When reflecting on the Saint of the Day, I always ask myself, especially when looking at martyrs, what I would do. I look back at Peter and the disciples who scattered and didn’t attempt to associate or help Jesus for fear of their lives. I realize that God knew that they would respond that way. From a talk I went to, it was brought up that Jesus told the Apostles to wait after he ascended. He wanted them to wait for the Holy Spirit before they could go teach the Gospel. The Apostles then went out and taught and were able to stand up for Jesus even if it meant giving up their lives. With the Holy Spirit, we are strengthened to do things than humans by themselves cannot do.

I urge you to pray today for the strength of the Holy Spirit and to ask to be clothed in spiritual armor so that you can defend Jesus in this secular world. Have a Blessed Day!