Divine Mercy Sunday

I have a good appreciation of Divine Mercy Sunday nowadays. When I converted to Catholicism I didn’t have any idea. I remember my wife would do a chaplet and I would pretend I knew what it was. After I was in Georgia and went to the retreat that changed my life, I realized that the retreat I went to was on Divine Mercy Sunday. I knew it was life changing for me but I didn’t understand the significance. If you would have asked me about St Faustina, I would have given you a glazed over look. This year I actually bought some of the Lighthouse Catholic Media CDs about divine mercy and listened to them over and over again. I knew that I had to do the chaplet this year and I actually knew what it meant for me. For one thing it was a plenary indulgence that was instituted by Pope John Paul II. He was also the one in 2000 that created the Sunday following Easter as Divine Mercy Sunday to fulfill the request of Jesus through the revelation of St. Faustina. I can better appreciate after learning more about St Faustina and Divine Mercy Sunday about how I was changed on that day five years ago.
I will continue to learn more about St Faustina and Divine Mercy Sunday as a pray the chaplet more than just once a year. I pray that you will join me in learning more about Divine Mercy Sunday and what it means to you.
God Bless!