Our Father’s Day

Our Father Who Art in Heaven is the start of the most popular prayer in history.  In fact it was taught to us by the Son who is also God.  Jesus showed us that we need to pray to Our Father  so we can lay up treasures in heaven.

Even God in the Old Testament wanted everyone to know with the commandments that we shall honor our father and our mother, that the days may be long in the land which the Lord our God gives us.

In Sirach, it says that whoever honors his father atones for sins as well as whoever honors his father will be gladdened by his own children and when he prays he will be heard.  It goes on in Sirach regarding how you should honor and respect your father as well as your mother.  It is worth reading Sirach Chapter 3 to see all the words of wisdom.

We can see that God wants us to respect and honor our fathers who have come before us and specifically those who have raised us.  Take this time today to pray for those fathers both living and those in Heaven.  They all deserve our respect and do not forget to pray for St. Joseph who gave all fathers an example to follow to this day.  Pray also for those fathers who are serving in the military especially those who cannot be with their families today.

God Bless,