Feed the flock

During mass this weekend we hear multiple times where food was multiplied to feed the masses. Nobody could believe that they had enough to feed the multitudes but God found a way. Even the leftovers were more than what they started with. These miracles I read and heard about but never understood them in my life.
During the homily this weekend when I heard it again I had a thought that I never had before. I was too focused on the story and not the message. It helped because last week at the Youth Conference in Steubenville, OH the message I heard was that God takes you where you are and helps improve you for the better.
The message I heard was that God will take what you give (even though you believe it isn’t enough) and He uses it to provide what is needed. I put off opening A Lost Sheep because I didn’t have startup capital but I’m glad I just moved forward now. God helped me with what I needed.
Please pray for me and I will pray for you that we will use what we got to take care of what is needed knowing that God will make up the difference.