Casting Nets with the Saints: Learn from the Best How to Share the Faith By Chris Stewart

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Chris Stewart is a gifted speaker whose talks on catechesis, theology, spirituality, and evangelization have moved audiences all over the U.S. for over 20 years. He has a Masters of Theological Studies from Ave Maria University, and is co-founder of Casting Nets Ministries.

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“This is the secret of the Saints: abiding in Christ, joined to him like branches to the vine, in order to bear much fruit.” Pope Francis

We have an obligation as Christians to share the Gospel of Christ. But many are at a loss as to how to fulfill this commission.

Good news – we have a clear path we can follow, trod by holy men and women who have successfully brought millions of souls to Christ, the saints!

In his newest book, Casting Nets with the Saints, author and speaker Chris Stewart builds on The Seven Pillars of Effective Evangelization, using entertaining stories of the saints to demonstrate


Modeled on the life and ministry of Jesus, a truly effective evangelist must be

Joyful • Humble • Merciful • Peaceful • Faithful • Hopeful • Charitable

As Casting Nets with the Saints powerfully demonstrates, the saints embody these characteristics, and their stories can inspire us to share the Faith. This book is perfect for individuals or parishes searching for an effective program for bringing the Faith to others and growing in it themselves.

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