Strength And Courage Bear Cap

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When you put your trust in Christ, and made the decision to follow Him, you were filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead started to live inside of you. And because the Holy Spirit lives inside of you, there is no need to live in fear or worry about what others think of you. In Deuteronomy 31:6 the Lord tells us to be strong and courageous. He says to not be afraid or terrified because of others, because He goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Is that not amazing news? The God of creation is with you. When you have faith and realize the one true God is with you, there is nothing that can defeat you. Now, you can’t keep this to yourself. You know others who live in fear and anxiety, and have no peace because they don’t have a relationship with Jesus. With the power of the Holy Spirit living inside of you, and the help of the Strength and Courage Kerusso cap, you can guide them and give hope by telling them about Jesus.

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