6 Gift Ideas for First Holy Communion

6 Gift Ideas for First Holy Communion

Over the last five years, I have been looking at what parents, grandparents, other family members, and friends have been buying for their special first holy communicants.  It has been a wide range of products that people have purchased.  Here are the top 10 gifts that these people have purchased.


#1 - Tiny Saint



#2 - First Mass Books

Girls:  https://alostsheep.com/products/first-mass-book-my-first-eucharist-vinyl-set-girls-version

Boys:  https://alostsheep.com/products/copy-of-first-mass-book-my-first-eucharist-vinyl-set-boys-version


#3 - A Bible (like The Catholic Children's Bible)



#4  - Plush Animals (Sheep or Lambs)

Rosary Lamb includes the rosary but not the bible


#5 - Jewelry like a Rosary Bracelet



#6 - First Communion Figurines


Girls: https://alostsheep.com/products/remembrance-6-first-communion-keepsake-box-girl

Boys: https://alostsheep.com/products/remembrance-6-first-communion-keepsake-box-boy




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