Brother Francis #16, The Ten Commandments

Brother Francis #16, The Ten Commandments - A Lost Sheep Catholic Store

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Herald EntertainmentLiving within God's Love

Join Brother Francis as he helps children understand how to live a joy-filled life through the gift of the Ten Commandments and prepares them for a safe and happy future, firmly grounded on God's Word.

This episode includes:

  • "Let My People Go" - a visual retelling of how God used Moses to deliver His people from slavery in Egypt and showed them how to use their liberty for good.

  • “The Ten Commandments” – a brief yet comprehensive presentation of each of the Ten Commandments and what they mean for children now, as well as in their future. Each commandment is accompanied by captivating and sound examples that teach as well as entertain, in the tradition of the Brother Francis series.

NOTE: Every effort has been made to present Brother Francis’ “The Ten Commandments” in a way young children can understand. However, please be aware that the Commandments themselves deal with topics such as adultery and coveting. We trust you will find this latest release to be presented in the same direct, yet age-appropriate way found in every Brother Francis episode.

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