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Suffering Servant Scriptorium

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Inspired watercolors and selections of God's Word introduce children to the suffering of our Savior Jesus Christ by walking each step with Him to Calvary. Along with each station is a heroically holy person who epitomized self-sacrifice, and, primarily, lived and died in the last century.

What is new in the 2nd Edition?

This second edition includes newly canonized: Pope Saint John Paul II, Pope Saint John XXIII, Saint Jeanne Jugan, and Saint Kateri Tekakwitha. Also, included are the changes in the Papacy over the last several years - Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and His Holiness Francis. May God bless you and may His mother bring you to her Son's cross where you can lay all your burdens down. Some uses of this prayer book are:

For a group or community of people, use it during Stations of the Cross devotions. Have different leaders pray the Scriptures, prayers, and homily selections.

For Catholic educators, use it as a textbook to teach The Stations of the Cross and a unit

study on the Saints in Our Time.

For individual reflection, use before or after Mass or during Eucharistic Adoration to walk the Via Dolorosa.

For religious education of those too young to read, introduce this devotion, perhaps, even one Station at a time. Nonreaders can appreciate the pictures, while parents read the Sacred Scripture and pray with them.

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