Cure of Ars

Cure of Ars - A Lost Sheep Catholic Store

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Illustrated Milton Lomask contributes his second volume to the Vision Books series of saints for youth 9 - 15 years old in this story of the greatly beloved Cur? of Ars. Jean-Marie Vianney, a farm boy born during the French Revolution, longed to become a priest. But he could not learn Latin, and it seemed as if the humble, lovable, slow-thinking Jean-Marie would never be ordained. He did at last become a priest, and such a holy one that St. Jean-Marie Vianney is invoked as the patron saint and model of parish priests everywhere. To many he is known, not by name, but simply as "the Cur? of Ars," the parish priest who devoted his life to the little village of Ars and so successfully led his people to sanctity that he became a prime target of the devil. "A series which should be found wherever there are young Catholic readers." -Ave Maria "The Vision Books are splendid in design and format." -Catholic Standard and Times "The entire series of Vision Books is recommended for solid training of youth." -The Tablet Cover art by Chris Pelicano

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