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Since the first century, Christians have detected “seeds of the Word" in the surrounding culture. No matter how charred or distorted the fragments, we can always uncover inklings of the Gospel, which can then lead people to God. Through this evocative collection of essays, Bishop Robert Barron finds those “seeds" in today's most popular films, books, and current events. How do Superman, Gran Torino, and The Hobbit illuminate the figure of Jesus? How does Bob Dylan convey the prophetic overtones of Jeremiah and Isaiah? Where can we detect the ripple of original sin in politics, sports, and the Internet culture? Finding the “seeds of the Word" requires a new vision. This book will train you to see. Foreword from Cardinal Timothy Dolan. “Father Barron is an exceptional evangelizer and one of the best at finding connections between twenty-first century culture and the timeless teachings of Catholicism." - Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York

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