Speak, Lord, I am Listening - A Scriptural Rosary Book

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This Scriptural Rosary prayer book presents the richness of the Sacred Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary in terms that children can visualize and understand. Gus Muller's watercolors use the full palette of color expression to explore the depths of the agony of Christ crucified and reach the heights of the Blessed Virgin Mary's glorious reign as Queen of Heaven and Earth. Christine Haapala's succinct and most apt meditation selections yield a wealth of spiritual insight into the mysterious events of the lives of Jesus and Mary. The Scriptures and watercolor illustrations coupled with the prayers of the Most Holy Rosary provide a rich meditation platform for teaching prayer and devotion to Jesus and Mary.

Ideal for Holy Communion age children, perfect for children of all ages
Engaging and brilliant watercolors appeal to even the younger non-readers
Short, relevant, large text Sacred Scripture verses for each Our Father and Hail Mary in the Most Holy Rosary

Scriptural references provide opportunity to discuss each mystery in further depth
Full text of the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be and Fatima Prayer on each page allows each child to focus on praying eEach mystery of the Most Holy Rosary fits on two full pages of this large 9 by 11 book.  

Good resource to use in RCIA to introduce the Rosary to new Catholics

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